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Welcome to Banglachat Network

Banglachat network is a free Bangla chat site that requires no signup or registration to use. The chat rooms main objective is to provide a platform whereby people from Bangladesh and millions currently spread throughout the world, can come together in one place and readily converse with one another. Whether it be discussions or chat relating to the latest movie trends, internet gossip, latest world affairs, what's happening in the world today, your music tastes, recipe ideas, lifestyle, favourite Bangla natok, channel programmes and much more.

Chatting should be fun, easy-to-use and hassle free!

Rest assured that our main focus is always to provide our users with a fun, free, no-hassle, easy-to-use, fast and reliable service. You can go also go about achieving this, safely, anonymously and harmoniously. Whether you're from Bangladesh, or anywhere in the world, Bengali or non-Bengali or perhaps just a stranger passing by wanting to find out information on Bangladesh or anything Bangla related? Rest assured that you can easily find the information you're looking for, relating to Bangladesh or anything Bangla easily on our site. Besides, you can always engage with others directly by entering our chat room.

Free flowing and always engaging!

Our free, no-strings attached Bangla chat room, wherein you can solely focus on just your words and not have to worry about any signups, settings, additions, likes and dislikes. Essentially allowing you the freedom to easily express yourself to the fullest, very simply and in the most effective way possible.

Chat safety & rules?

We'd like to emphasize and stress that chat discussions on Banglachat are free flowing, uninterrupted and always monitored for any abuse by our in-room moderators 24/7. Discussion's regarding obscenity, illegal stuff, racism, bullying and harassment of users, as well as members of staff will not be tolerated and will inevitably result in your IP address being blocked from using our site and chat services.

We advise all visitors taking part to remain vigilant at all times and report any suspicious activities or concerns you may have by contacting us via email or by alerting one of our Moderators.

To successfully join and use our chat service, you need to ensure that you have the latest version of Java enabled on your PC. You can check and download the latest Java software by visiting Here. If you're still having problems connecting? Give us a nudge!